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Gourmet Vegan Chocolate

Our artisan style gourmet vegan chocolate Pog Balls taste exquisite.

Crafted from plant based ingredients, we measure and blend natural raw ingredients together. Then roll our balls of joy and dunk them into delectable thick gourmet vegan chocolate. Each ball of nutty, crispy goodness is smothered in quality dark chocolate, mylk chocolate and creamy smooth white chocolate.


Rest assured our unique vegan chocolate balls are:

Made with quality vegan chocolate

Australian high-oleic peanut butter

Activated Australian buckwheat kernels

Fine Australian buckwheat flour

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Here at the Plant Kitchen the transparency of our ingredient sources is paramount

We source the best vegan chocolate right here in Australia. We purchase Palm Oil Free chocolate as a priority to align with The Plant Kitchen values. It’s a little more expensive, but our planet is worth every penny. The chocolate we use is also made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Our pure peanut butter is also made right here in Australia. Roasted and smashed to smithereens, the simple combination of Australian grown quality hi-oleic peanuts and macrobiotic sea salt are a heavenly blend.

For extra nutritional value (compared to other flours) and an enhanced nutty flavour we have sourced Australian wholegrain buckwheat for Pog Balls that is sustainably grown and tested residue chemical free. Naturally gluten free and a wonderful source of fibre, our activated toasted buckwheat kernels provide a crispy surprise.


Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Low in sugar





Preservative free




Small batch production of Pog Balls means we maintain their freshness so every bite is a delight.

My family loves them.

“PogBalls are yummy – so hard to not eat the whole packet at once!!!!”

Michelle Davies


Our Kitchen, your safety

To bring you the best vegan chocolates online and in store, The Plant Kitchen maintains a comprehensive Quality Assurance program which is wholly committed to the principals of food safety. 

We don’t use eggs, gluten or dairy in our kitchen. Very strict principles, guidelines and policies are in place and are audited annually, to ensure we meet the Australian food laws and occupational health and safety laws set by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).

Please Note: Our production facility is not a certified dedicated gluten free or nut free facility.

COVID-19 Policy:

We follow the advice and guidelines from Queensland State Government (QLD Health), Australia – Food Act and Food Standards.

Are Pog Balls definitely Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free?

Yes. We do not use any ingredients that contain animal products, gluten or dairy. However, our production facility is not dedicated certified gluten or nut free.

What does vegan chocolate taste like?

Vegan chocolate when made from quality ingredients tastes amazing. You would even question whether it’s actually vegan! The chocolate we use always gets a big tick on taste from our customers. It’s even better knowing that no animals have been harmed in the production process.

What is the best way to order vegan chocolates online?

Just press the ‘Shop’ tab in the menu and it will take you straight to our online retail store.

Are Pog Balls healthy?

Yes. Just try not to eat them all at once! Each ball contains 2.4g of protein,1.3g of fibre and less than a teaspoon of sugar. All ingredients are natural as we aim to avoid highly processed raw ingredients.

Are Pog Balls Palm Oil Free?

Yes. We do not use any ingredients that contain Palm Oil. We care about our environment both in Australia and around the world. Caring for all sentient beings and planet Earth is a high priority for us. 

How do I store my Pog Balls when they arrive?

Our Pog Balls are dipped in quality vegan chocolate and are preservative-free, so they need a little care and attention especially during our hot Australian summer. Pog Balls are best stored in a cool, dark, dry place below 18*C degrees. Pog Balls even taste great when kept in the refrigerator or eaten frozen. If your order feels warm to the touch on receiving it, place it in a cool place for at least two hours before opening. Enjoy!