Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle



In its simplest form, being a minimalist vegan means paying attention to what I consume and collect. Where it comes from and the effect it will have on the planet, long after I’m gone, are key to choosing to live consciously as a vegan.

The true benefits of a minimalist vegan lifestyle are evident in the way I feel in every sense.

Being vegan nourishes

My Soul

The true benefits of a minimalist vegan lifestyle are evident in the way I feel in every sense.

First, my body is healthy, from my taste buds to digestion I feel well and energetic.

Second, there is no more guilt about taking a life to fulfil my own food cravings. 

Third, the environment is less impacted by every morsel that passes my lips. 

Fourth, minimalism is more than decluttering my physical world, it includes my mind.

The gift everyone loves

Meet Karin

Be Fair

Be Vegan

Over 35 years ago, I, Karin Thompson, created the unique Pog Balls recipe to share with my family and friends. That original recipe has since evolved so people with special dietary requirements can also enjoy them without compromising on taste. Whether you are coeliac, sensitive to certain foods or are choosing a minimalist vegan lifestyle, you don’t need to miss out. Pog Balls can make every occasion delicious.  


From humble beginnings selling Pog Balls at the local Farmers Market to today, The Plant Kitchen now selling wholesale to retail businesses and online. You can find these balls of delight in stores throughout Queensland and interstate. 


Living A Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle

Here at The Plant Kitchen we like to put our money where it counts.

That means back into the local community. Every single Pog Balls purchase supports our chosen not-for-profit organisations thru regular monthly contributions. From time to time extraordinary events, such as fire, flood, drought or a during pandemic they may need further assistance, so we are happy to make extra contributions. 


Farm Animal Rescue


When an animal is rescued from neglectful and abusive situations, or a factory farm, they come to live at Farm Animal Rescue. It is a refuge for animals to live out their days with the best of care. Visitors are welcome, book a farm visit and meet the animals.


Pine Rivers
Koala Care


Together with the Moreton Bay Regional Council, RSPCA and the Environmental Protection Agency, Pine Rivers Koala Care Association works tirelessly to ensure the survival of koalas through maintaining their habitat. Devastated by the 2019 fires the koala’s need our help through maintaining their habitat and rescue of sick and injured koalas.


Australian Marine Conservation Society


Started by a group of scientists and ocean conservationists over 50 years ago the Australian Marine Conservation Society have been protecting our marine wildlife. From the Kimberley, to the Great Barrier Reef and Moreton Bay volunteers protect our marine habitats.



the secret of quality vegan chocolate.


How can I help?

Feel free to grab an extra box of Pog Balls so we can continue to support these local charities  – more sales mean more donations from us at The Plant Kitchen.

How did you get involved with the charities?

It was easy. I simply contacted the organisations and offered to contribute on a monthly basis via direct debit. If you would like to help feel free to email me for more information on how to get involved. 

How long did it take to convert to a minimalist vegan lifestyle?

For me it was a gradual experience as I have not eaten animal products for many years. There is no timeline or charter to become vegan, if it seems daunting you can start small and go slow.  My motto is ‘be fair, be vegan’.

What is the easiest way to become vegan?

If you’re interested you might like to start by replacing each animal product in your fridge with a vegan alternative. There is so much choice these days, making it easy. Basically following a wholefood plant-based diet and lifestyle I find works really well for me and my family. 

Is the packaging compostable and/or recyclable?

The cellophane packaging used for our 45g and 150g packs are compostable as they are made from cornstarch. The gift box bases are made from cardboard and are compostable and recyclable. The clear lids are recyclable or be re-used for storing a multitude of items. Our labels are printed with minimum impact on the planet. We are always looking to improve our packaging to maintain high quality and freshness of our Pog Balls whilst also caring for our environment. 

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

J.R.R. Tolkien